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KMI is an global manufacturer and full-service custom compounder of plastic resins for every major industry. KMI’s diverse capabilities include cutting-edge recycling/tolling services, expansive resin engineering technologies. For over 30 years, we have been producing plastic raw materials at cost-effective pricing, supported by reliable service and unparalleled quality. With more than 300 million pounds of bulk and packaged resins delivered last year, KMI knows what it takes to keep your operations running with real solutions and the right resins.







KMI DELIVERS CONSISTENT quality, competitive pricing & INDUSTRY LEADING service.

Founded in 1987


KMI Group Inc. is a leading plastic compounder, tolling partner and global organization for polymer sourcing. We engineer ideal specialty resin and high performance polymers for your applications. Providing specialty products and engineering solutions for authorized distributors and various manufacturers including: Injection Molders, Sheet extrusion, Blow molders, Rotational molders in an array of industries- Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Energy, Food & Beverage, DOD, Heavy industry and consumer goods applications, High tech recycling/GREEN initiative and sustainability solutions, Bio Polymers and much more.


We are embracing a new environmental standard and assist our customers in achieving their environmental targets by maximizing on sustainable and environmentally compliant practices.

We bring value to our partnerships through custom-engineered solutions that turn waste into revenue.

KMI is extremely proud to be involved in the process of creating, recycling and perfecting various consumer goods. We are on the forefront of product development, research and custom engineering for a vast array of products. If more information is desired, please use our contact links to get in touch with members of our dedicated team. We're happy to help in anyway that we can.