Prime, wide-spec, polymer blends, regrind or additives—KMI has the experience, capabilities and market understanding to make all levels of raw material productions available for our customers.

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Our TPV Series of compounds are the next step up in performance from TPO. Our ElastoPrene® series is dynamically vulcanized during our compounding processes, making it highly applicable to products such as automotive seals, pipe seals and various applications where a heat resistance of up to 120 degrees C is required.

Our diversified range of TPV compounds in our ElastoPrene® product line feature the following properties:

High temperature resistance, Wide range of hardness, Resistance to chemicals and weathering, Low Compression set, Flex Fatigue Resistance, Lightweight, Good Colorability.



Our TPE series is highly adaptable and can be utilized to a customer’s advantage in a variety of applications. The compounds are not only easy to process but are ideal for injection molding. Optimized developments and endless formulations have been created by our leading team of experts to fulfill the requirements of applications to ensure the most optimal finished product. Also part of this series, is our EcoMax® line of recycled TPE and ElastoFlo® our premier line SEBS.

Key Properties of our ElastoFlex® include:

Unfilled, semi-filled & filled series, 30-90 Shore A hardness, Translucent, black, natural or colored compounds are available, Offers adhesion to PP & PE, High Flexibility, Ideal mechanical properties, food contact applications possible with FDA approval, 100% Recyclable.



Our HDPE, MDPE and LLDPE resins in our RotoMax® series which consist of hexene and octene grade copolymers. These polymers are tailored for rotational molding applications that require wide process windows, good impact strength, good flow combined with fair ESCR and high modulus.

We offer our resins in pellet form, 35 mesh powder, or our new micro pellet technology.

Our RotoMax® series meets the following criteria & specifications:

ASTM D4976- PE 233

FDA 21 CFR 177.1520, 21 CFR 176.170

FMVSS.302 Burn Test

Long Term UV Stablization- ASTM 2565


RotoMax XL®

This is our product line of PE with cross-links. It is used predominantly in building services pipework systems, radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping and insulation for electrical cables. Other uses are for natural gas, offshore oil applications as well as chemical storage and transportation.

Our RotoMax XL® series offers low-temperature impact strength, abrasion resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance is increased significantly by cross-linking. Hardness and rigidity, is significantly reduced as compared to our original RotoMax® series.



Nylon 6 & 66 are both synthetic polymers called polyamides. These Nylons are semi-crystalline and possess good strength and durability for demanding applications.

Under the umbrella of our NyLux® series, is our EcoLux® line which offers various grades of recycled Nylon polymer.

While the chemical structure of 6 & 66 differ largely in their composition of atoms, they both offer the following similarities in our NyLux® Series:

Our NyLux® Series offers high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness, good fatigue resistance, high mechanical damping ability, good sliding properties, excellent wear resistance, good electrical insulating properties, good resistance to high energy radiations and good machinability.



BioMax® series is designed to enable biodegradable product options across a wide range of environmental conditions. Products for industrial and municipal composting, home composting, anaerobic digestions as well as soil & marine degradability are available and can be further tailored for each application.

This portfolio is able to support a broad range of end of life strategies and disposal options for single use and durable products. This unique series of BioMax® compounds has been developed using renewable sourced resin systems such as PLA, PBS, PBSA, and PHA and also traditional compostable resins such as PBAT. Various performance additives are utilized to further tailor and improve the utility range of these compounds.


Masterbatch Additives

Our specialization of compounding additives include custom color and additive concentrates to our resins. With extensive color compounding capabilities, color-matching tools, fully-equipped laboratories as well as analytical testing equipment. Our expert team in color development designs colors with properties for the most discerning of applications. KMI is qualified and experienced in exhaustive compounding options.

Our masterbatch additives are not limited to high-quality color pigments. Flame Retardant and AO packages are offered as well, based on customer needs and applications. These packages include non-halogenated flame retardant concentrates and compounds. UL-approved and RoHS compliant.


The goal of KMI Group is to meet or exceed our customer’s product requirements and expectations by emphasizing continuous improvement, quality objectives and teamwork.