Rotational Molding Polymers

KMI is a leading supplier and compounder for a variety of customers in the plastic molding industries. Rotational molding technology is a specialty category in which KMI has years of experience in creating optimal resin that is made to exact specifications, with unparalleled customer service, at the most cost effective prices. KMI has also engineered a collection of proprietary resins built for the world's most high-performance applications. Click the links below to learn more about the KMI roto-molding products and capabilities


Custom Compounding

KMI Group, Inc. offers custom made engineered resins for the rotational molding industry. With the ability to custom compound each resin to the end user's specific needs, KMI produces rotational molding products that decreases curing times, lowers processing temps, provides exceptional flow-ability and increases productivity and efficiency. Custom designed resins, engineered to provide the best results every time.


KMI has excelled in compounding that allows the necessary stiffness, adhesion, impact and overall performance. We also have color compounding to color match your products with optimal color dispersion in a vivid spectrum of color combinations.

Our in-house and secondary laboratory testing facilities are certified for all property and specification testing done for all resins and materials before shipment. Quality and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.




State of the art pulverization

With the KMI Micro Pellet Technology- we are able to provide our customers with higher bulk density, better flow rates, shorter cycle times and dust free operation.

Our leading and cutting-edge industry machinery allows for our processing to yield consistent, quality powders for all rotational molding applications.

We provide various packaging forms and delivery transportation methods to ensure the delivery of your specified products.