Managing the Performance of Industrial Assets
KMI Group offers a full range of asset performance improvement services to the chemical industry.

Our highly experienced staff, advanced technology and extensive industry knowledge coupled with our operational experience makes KMI Group your most trusted asset life-cycle partner.

We help you reduce your total maintenance costs by:

  • Reduction of direct costs - e.g labor, spare parts, subcontracting.
  • Reduction of indirect costs - e.g. increasing productivity by improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Product & System Services
KMI Group offers a complete range of professional services using the latest technology. We support everything from electrical rotating equipment or switch-gears to the most sophisticated KMI Group products and systems. We offer value-adding services that improve your productivity through maximum use of KMI Group products.

Customer Support Services
After-sales support separates KMI Group Customer Support Services. Our focus is always on improving the overall asset performance through creative approaches to general technical support.

Training & Education Services
As technology continues to change, it is important to assist our customers in maximizing their most important asset, their people, through continued education programs. KMI Group uses a series of creative learning processes to give our customers the competitive edge.

Logistics & Repair Services
Having critical parts when and where you need them is fundamental in achieving your business goals. KMI Group's Logistics & Repair Services consist of defined processes, advanced delivery tools and support structures to ensure a highly consistent level of responsiveness. We offer a variety of value-adding services to increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership through inventory planning and management.

Application Services
KMI Group offers service packages designed to improve the application of your KMI Group Products and Systems. Utilizing special tools and skills we analyze and correct issues that decrease the optimum use of your KMI Group assets. Our services include both process and environmental application issues. We can maximize the value of your existing KMI Group installations, increase efficiency of your KMI Group systems and processes and reduce the cost of ownership.

Asset Management Services
Asset Management Services consider assets' total life-cycle and take responsibility for the performance of the assets being serviced. KMI Group offers industry-specific know-how to improve your plant's performance through maintenance excellence and specific plant performance improvement measures via performance-based risk/reward sharing partnerships.

Consulting Services
KMI Group offers consulting services to identify key potential for improvement in the areas of industrial asset management, production processes and operations' infrastructure. Our highly qualified experts have an in-depth knowledge of the needs as well as best practices in the chemical industry, whether you have a single or a comprehensive technical/organizational issue. Our Asset Consulting Services encompass:

  • Plant performance benchmarking
  • Performance improvement delivery
  • Change management and sustainable maintenance excellence
  • Turnaround excellence
  • Safety, health and environmental excellence
Our plant performance-based consulting shows our steadfast dedication to our customers and yours.

Total Equipment Management
With Total Equipment Management (TEM) KMI Group takes over the management of the customer's plastics equipment. Using world class and proven condition monitoring techniques and methodologies we bring the following benefits to you:

  • Lowers risks by providing turnkey solutions and guaranteeing prices
  • Reduces administration/purchasing costs by decreasing the number of suppliers
  • Reduces capital employed by decreasing/pooling the amount of equipment in stock
  • Increases output by increasing the availability of equipment.

KMI Group Full Service Partnerships
Full Service Partnerships are long term performance based win/win asset management agreements whereby KMI Group takes over the design, execution and management of the customer's maintenance function. Practically, this means that KMI Group manages the customer's entire asset base including plant equipment, maintenance personnel, spare parts, subcontractors, maintenance related engineering functions/activities. Major benefits for our customers are:

  • Higher asset performance at lower maintenance cost
  • Additional contribution through increased availability, output and reduced quality losses
  • Optimal use of resources e.g. not having to pay for excess equipment
  • Higher Return-on-Investment, i.e.: increased Return on Net Assets/Capital Employed/Economic Value Added (RONA/ROCE/EVA)

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