With the newest technologies in plastic processing, we are equipped with the capabilities to compound plastic raw materials to meet customer specifications in all major industries. From our color matching, pulverization, general compounding, extrusion, professional lab testing, quality control team, engineers and more... let KMI develop a high performance material for your company's needs. All operations are done in-house at our Tennessee facility and we utilize the industries top professionals and machinery in our processes. We follow ISO standards and ensure quality satisfaction to every partnership we have. For more information on our plastic compounding, please contact KMI. Our aim is to the be purpose behind your products and your trusted world-wide Resin supplier in all the years of your success.

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We successfully develop recycling programs to turn your waste into revenue in an effort to help create a sustainable and Eco-friendly future for the manufacturing industry and world.

Utilizing modern technology and best practices in operational procedures, KMI provides unique solutions to the waste management needs of industrial and commercial sectors through the provision of segregation, collection, transportation, processing, recycling and disposal services.  

We are actively embracing a new environmental standard and are assisting our clients in achieving their environmental targets by maximizing on sustainable and environmentally compliant practices.

KMI is also actively involved in the management and execution of large scale facilities dismantling, decommissioning and assets disposal projects working closely with the industrial, food and beverage, oil and gas, government sectors of North America.

Contact us for more information about your project in order to remain sustainable and competitive in our rapidly changing industry. KMI will help direct your company into newly developed green-initiatives that are proprietary to KMI.

KMI Brings Purpose To Your Products

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